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To remain the most trusted TOTAL LOGISTICS SOLUTIONS leader in the industry. Three distinct characteristics of MAK Cargo apart from others in the Industry…Trust, Experience and Execution.

Trust – Our reputation is based on our unrelenting commitment to honesty and integrity.  We only partner with customers in which our proven capabilities are a perfect fit.  Our “brutally honest” style is our hallmark -- only promising what we can and will deliver.  As a result, we view our outstanding reputation as one of our greatest assets.

Experience – MAK Cargo has the experience to get the job done. We have built our reputation on hiring and retaining the best logistics engineers, technology professionals, documentation & operations staff in the industry. The seasoned management team at MAK Cargo is capable of providing a solution to each and every challenge.

Execution - There is no such thing as a standard distribution operation these days. Each customer we partner with has a unique environment with specific operational requirements. MAK Cargo has developed a refined approach to project management that ensures a successful implementation each and every time.

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